Learning a guitar is almost every music lovers dream.

The most recognized musical instrument in the world. If you are looking to learn guitar we have a few tips from the great music teachers of Staccato . They have listed 5 awesome tunes from iTunes store .These songs should get you started during infant stages of playing guitar.

These 5 songs could be played on the guitar with just knowing a few chords and they are super fun to play  Make sure you show off to your friends and family. Nothing like performing in front of an audience to improve your confidence and make you the star of the party.

1 – Wonder wall – Oasis

Wonderwall cover

Wonderwall cover

We can’t stress more on knowing how to play these 4 chords; C major, G major, D major, A minor. With these four chords, you could play thousands of songs. With small variations of these chords and a kick-ass strumming pattern, wonder wall is one of those songs you must know how to play.


2 – Sweet child o mine Intro – Guns n Roses


Sweet Child o Mine – Cover

Even though this may sound difficult to play, this is one of the easiest intros to play. Start by picking each note slowly. Slow down the song on your iTunes player and play along with the song. There is not much material out there stressing the importance of playing with a song. After you are comfortable with a certain tempo, increase the tempo slowly and play with that tempo. This is the first song that will get you on the podium of rock!



3 – Three little birds- Bob Marley

Three Little Bird - Cover

Three Little Bird – Cover

This follows the tradition of knowing just a few chords and playing songs using them. Know ten chords in total and you can play ten thousand songs! All this songs requires you to do is to know A major, D major, E major. You are all set to play the whole song!




4 – Knockin on heavens door- Bob Dylan


Knocking on Heavens Door – Cover

This song too has very familiar chords; G major, D major, A minor. Focus on strumming smoothly without any jarring from the strings or a lot of pick noise. This should be a good song to start singing along with. First learn the chords and play without singing. Slowly add your voice to the chords once you are comfortable playing the guitar part. P.S it’s okay if your voice sounds bad. Mine is horrible. You will get used to it and so will your parents and neighbors!




5 – Wonderful tonight- Eric Clapton

Wonderful Tonight Cover

Wonderful Tonight Cover


One of the most soulful songs from Eric Clapton has the most simplest of chords. If there is a special person in your life, playing this song will be a breeze. Sing and play the song with full of heart and soul. Go get that love you have always wanted to go out with! Play this song with four chords G major, D major, C major and E minor.




That’s it folks , top songs on iTunes store you can use to improve your guitar skills . Any questions or if you get stuck , feel free to leave a comment and Staccato teachers will reply to you. If you think there are other songs should be part of this list , let us know.

Have fun and enjoy the journey of mastering the guitar

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