Relieving letter

What is a relieving letter?

A relieving letter is a formal letter given to the employee once he resigns from the company. In the letter, the HR department informs the employee that the company accepts the resignation and notes the final date of employment.

Similarly, the HR department can ask the employee to get a clearance certificate from his or her department head. The clearance certificate is necessary so that the company’s accounting department can issue final dues and employee payments.

This letter is important for the company evaluate your immediate past work experience and the letter can be given to the employee only after completion of all pending work assigned and formalities cleared.

Relieving letter

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Experience letter

An experience letter is a letter that states that the bearer of the letter has experience with a certain company/organization for a certain duration of time. It is issued by the employer to their employees and it is required by employers to offer new jobs as a prove of your previous work experience.

An experience letter or experience certificate should contain;

  • The company  worked in
  • Tenure of work
  • Designation
  • Roles and responsibility
  • Last drawn salary

An experience letter is a must as it is a certificate of employment and hold as a proof of experience.

Experience certificate format

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Every company has their own standards of issuing the letter.

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