A resignation letter is a formal request of resignation issued by an employee to an employer.

  • A resignation letter usually contains the reasons for resignation.
  • Requested date of resignation and a formal thanks to the employer for providing employment thus far.
  • Usually an employer accepts the resignation letter and provides the employee with a final date of employment.

A well written resignation letter helps to maintain a healthy relation between the employee and company.

This resignation letter can be printed on a plain white paper, signed and delivered to the employer. A resignation letter is usually handed to human resource department or the supervisor.

If you are looking to puruse a career it is always recommended to have a job in hand before you resign from your company, unless there is other reasons for quitting. Check out our article on how “A good resume helps landing a great job” and also download the resume template that will make you look good .

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Its a brave decision to quit , we wish you all the best.

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